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If you are looking for Top 10 Umbrella manufacturers and suppliers in Spain

1 .Umbrella

Address: C. Calvario, 82, 38300 La Orotava, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Phone: +34822709461
Plus: 9FVH+RV La Orotava, Spain
Products:   Pines,  Umbrella, Phoenix Umbrella ,Peacock,Souvenirs & Corporations
Top 10 Umbrella manufacturers and suppliers in Spain

My story 

My name is Tana Rosa Becker, I was born in Germany and grew up in Tenerife since I was 8 months old. As a Canaria that I consider myself, since I was little, I have felt that between my veins the water of the sea, the strength of Teide and some roots of the famous Black Forest flows. At the age of 18 I decided to go to Germany to study, since my financial independence that I had to live since I was 16 years old did not allow me to complement my studies with a job in Spain. I quickly realized that living in Germany neither made me nor was it going to make me happy. I had to study, mature and take everything I learned to the Canary Islands where I felt that my life flowed with freedom and happiness.


2 .Casa de Diego

Address:Prta del Sol, 12, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Plus:C78W+WP Madrid, Spain
Products:   Pines,  Umbrella, Phoenix Umbrella ,Peacock,Souvenirs & Corporations
Top 10 Umbrella manufacturers and suppliers in Spain1

For 215 years the Ince family have been crafting umbrellas for the home and overseas markets; making us the oldest umbrella maker and manufacturer in the UK. The company is still based a stone’s throw away from our first beginnings in Spitalfields, just around the corner from Liverpool Street Station, London. And the Square Mile is still one of our biggest markets where we supply many professional firms and businesses.

Richard Ince is the 6th generation Ince managing director of this old East End family business. He prides himself in having worked in the business since a teenager, learning his craft from the skilled artians around him; ensuring these same traditional skills are handed down through the generations and are still being used today to make quality hand crafted James Ince umbrellas.




Address:P.º del Prado, 34, 28001 Madrid, Spain

Plus:C864+CM Madrid, Spain
Products:  Commercial Umbrellas, Promotional Umbrellas, Other Corporate Giveaways

What do we do

At ALE-HOP we take care of designing the perfect gift for your friend, mother, sister-in-law, cousin, parakeet and for you. We are waiting for you with open arms and a full store!


4.Umbrella And A Glass

Address: C/ Gran Vía, 57, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Phone: +34915598511
Plus: C7CR+PG Madrid, Spain
Products: Pines,  Umbrella, Phoenix Umbrella ,Peacock,Souvenirs & Corporate


Top 10 Umbrella manufacturers and suppliers in Spain

Umbrella And A Glass With complete in house manufacturing, our promotional umbrellas are UK screen-printed and we also directly import advertising umbrellas and fashion umbrellas from the Far East, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver your printed umbrellas when you want them and at a competitive price! Please look at what is available.



Address: Pl. del Ángel, 10, 28012 Madrid, Spain
Plus:C77X+M6 Madrid, Spain

Products: Pines,  Umbrella, Phoenix Umbrella ,Peacock,Souvenirs & Corporate


iempresa en expansión, y por esta razón estamos en constante proceso de selección, buscando los mejores profesionales para nuestras tiendas.

El objetivo de ALE-HOP es crecer, la empresa en su conjunto, y para ello, sus trabajadores tienen que crecer con ella. Nuestra filosofía es lograr la promoción interna, premiando el trabajo bien hecho, el esfuerzo y la confianza.


6.MUJI Goya

Address:Bishops Court, Lincolns Inn Office Village, 1 Lincoln Rd, High Wycombe HP12 3RE, United Kingdom
Phone: +442071251323
Plus: C8G6+7J Madrid, Spain
Products:  Stock 29 3-Folds MANUAL OPEN Umbrella,Stock 1 Kids umbrella with whistle,Stock 17 Reverse Inverted Umbrella,Stock 18 LED Umbrella,AUTO OPEN-CLOSE Umbrella.
Top 10 Umbrella manufacturers and suppliers in Spain

MUJI was founded in 1980. Its origins were based on the exhaustive rationalization of the manufacturing process with the intention of creating simple, cheap and good quality products. Specifically, we reexamine the products through three perspectives: material selection, inspection process and packaging simplification. For example, if you omit the pulp bleaching process, the resulting paper color is slightly light beige. MUJI used this paper for its packaging material and labels. The products obtained are extraordinarily pure and fresh. Compared to the prevailing overly embellished products on the market, MUJI’s products have garnered great appreciation and impact not only in Japan, but around the world.

This is because we do not create objects to elicit high-affinity responses, such as “This is what I really want” or “I have to have it.” MUJI’s goal is to provide customers with rational satisfaction, not expressed with “This is what I really want” but with “This will suffice”. “This is what I really want” is a display of selfishness and discord, while “This will suffice” expresses a conciliatory reasoning. In fact, it may even incorporate resignation and some dissatisfaction. MUJI’s goal is to eliminate such slight dissatisfaction and raise the level of the “This will suffice” response for one full of clarity and assurance.



7 .Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Address: Calle de Goya, 20, 28001 Madrid, Spain
Phone: +34910001766
Plus: OPEN Umbrella,Stock 1 Kids umbrella with whistle,Stock 17 Reverse Inverted Umbrella,Stock 18 LED Umbrella,AUTO OPEN-CLOSE Umbrella.
Top 10 Umbrella manufacturers and suppliers in spain

At Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we don’t design to make products look nice. We design to make people feel good. Whether we are designing extraordinary products for everyday life, or making everyday products look extraordinary, we want to bring you something that can bring you closer to someone else. Things that make you smile. Gifts you’ll want to give. Stuff you feel the urge to try and desperately want to share with others. Because real value lies not in the products we own, but in the experiences we share.  

Every month Flying Tiger Copenhagen launches an array of new products. Things you need. Things you dream of. Things you didn’t know existed. Products made with thought for you and the resources we share. Each one designed to make the things you care about happen.  

 A richer life doesn’t cost a fortune. At least not at Flying Tiger Copenhagen


8 .Dealz

Address: C. de Alcalá, 163, 28028 Madrid, Spain
Phone: +34914311804
Plus: C8GG+CM Madrid, Spain
Brand Name Golf Umbrella spain

We believe that we offer the best range of corporate umbrellas available on the UK promotional merchandise market. Our carefully selected range is competitively priced and our knowledge is second to none, adding to the large stock of each style held in our Manchester based warehouse and print in-house, giving us total control of the production quality and speed.

We believe that a promotional umbrella is one of the very best business gift items due to a number of key factors. A well designed personalised umbrella will be kept for a long time and used over and over again. The very nature of it means that it will be used outside and therefore your logo or message will be seen by a large number of people. As the branding area is larger than the vast majority of promotional gifts, we believe that this is one of the key factor that gives it the edge when it comes to logo visibility and impact.


9 .Casa Bruno Cuadros

Address: La Rambla, 82, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +342086620022
Plus: 95JF+H8 Barcelona, Spain
Product:Commercial Umbrellas, Promotional Umbrellas, Other Corporate Giveaways

Bruno Cuadros House

La Rambla is an inexhaustible box of surprises. A box that opens and reveals jewels like this allegory of orientalism, Casa Bruno Cuadros, which was once an umbrella shop in Barcelona. The style that accompanies it, close to modernism with the color and delicacy of its decorations, make this building the star of many photographic albums by visitors to Barcelona.

In 1883, the architect Josep Vilaseca was commissioned to reform the Casa Bruno Cuadros building and the umbrella shop on the ground floor. Those were the years before the Universal Exhibition of 1888 , and Barcelona did not stop growing: interesting works were being built everywhere. Modernism was beginning to be noticed and, with it, the taste for oriental decorations: The Bruno Cuadros House in Barcelona , popularly called ” House of umbrellas ” is a good example.



Address: C. de Preciados, 35, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Phone: +34913620015
Plus: C79V+V4 Madrid, Spain
Product:Commercial Umbrellas, Promotional Umbrellas, Other Corporate Giveaways
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